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Perhaps the idea of a Website for a club that has a strictly enforced  “No Publicity” rule may seem a little odd at first glance. But, with the obvious, modern advantage of being able to quickly and regularly pass on information to our members at little cost to our society, means that the committee have decided to move with the times and sanction this site.

A good website is a living, growing entity and as such must evolve to meet the requirements of the people who access it for information. Obviously there must be restrictions on what we publish, so there will be no catch reports or photographs of catches and certainly no Forum. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t cover general issues about the waters, their management and stock conditions. Officers reports can be published on the site prior to an AGM and certainly minutes of that meeting will be posted here.  As the site progresses we feel sure that members will have comments and suggestions about the content and layout, so please, please don’t keep them to yourself - get in touch with a committee member and pass on your thoughts.

A word now about the production of the site.  The log-in name and password that was issued with membership cards, has been dropped in favour of an open site. Many members were having trouble getting on the site and the method of installing passwords became even more complicated with a change in site construction, name and password eligibility instigated by the hosting company. It was therefore a committee decision to leave the site open, but pictures of our recent stocking were removed and no further pictures of stocking will be uploaded as a precaution. In future information will not contain any facts or figures that could be used against the club.

Finally, we must tell you that this site is still produced totally in-house within the committee, so, other than using a web hosting service provider, there is no outside influence. Content therefore is agreed at monthly committee meetings prior to publication.

A Word about this Website