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Rickmansworth Conservative Angling Society Annual General Meeting held on Monday 18th March 2019

Meeting Opened: 20.01


Barry Harrowing


Approval of minutes from previous AGM March 2018:

Proposed: Roy Homer

Seconded: Andy Riley

Passed: Unanimous

Matters Arising from the AGM 22nd March 2018:


Chairman’s Report and questions:

Tony updated the membership in regard to proposed increase in fee’s from both Landlords, Dalcour Maclaren acting on behalf of Affinity Water for the Pynesfield Lakes, and Clancy Docwra for Troy Lake. These increases mean that although membership fee’s were held for this season, it is likely we will need to increase next season.

Tony reported that now he is approaching eighty years old, he will take his chairman position on a year by year basis, depending on health and other issues. However he stated he was happy to continue for the forthcoming year.

Treasurers Report.

Bernie re-iterated Tony’s points regarding membership fee’s. Dalcour Maclaren are now managing some of Affinity Waters Assets, including the Pynesfield lakes, and will be increasing rates according to inflation (Retail Price Index). Similarly we expect annual increases from Clancy to be around 4% for the forthcoming lease.

Bernie also reported that for the new season we will be enabling direct bank transfer for membership fee’s. Members can pay directly into the RCAS bank account but MUST include a clear reference so we can see who has paid.

Bernie welcomed any questions from the floor.

Q: how much in bank account?

B: 93K, in profit by 4k last year

Tony: If we were to purchase lakes would need evidence of profit of 10k yr, and 90k deposit.

Q: What is the chance of buying lakes?

T: Difficult to answer, Affinity have varied stakeholders so difficult to know whether they will make a decision to sell. Tony wants to have sufficient opportunity and position to make offer if the opportunity arose.

Secretary’s report:

Rob explained that the club were looking to do all communications digitally or online via email or the website. Hard copy invites and information will no longer be posted, so members must make sure we have up to date email addresses, and please contact is to let us know if they are changed.

Auditors report and questions plus election of Auditor (Mrs C Barr)

Proposed: Roy Homer

Seconder: Chris Bowman

Passed: Unanimous

Water Management report and questions.

Dave explained work parties are planned as per dates provided in AGM schedule.  Proposed works include tree works/removal on Troy. Burning of last years  removed wood. Pollarding on small lake. Snags on Troy Island require trimming  back and tackle removal.

Dave proposed a series of work parties later in the year when water levels recede, including provision of steps in swims for access in low water conditions, make swims safer and more accessible. Members that attended these work parties would be discounted from the requirement to attend close season work parties the following year.

Q: Security motion camera on first gate?

A: Possibility but something the committee will need to look into.

Q: Can the height bar on the first gate be welded to the gate so it opens as one?

A: That would undermine the point of a height barrier, it won’t be a height restrictor if that is done, just a large gate.

Bailiff’s report and questions.


Membership Secretaries Report

Simon reported that we had taken on 17 new members. This had cleared the family waiting list but since then one has been nominated back on.

Reduced main waiting list from 60 to 34 as many people on the list declined. Also place is offered to proposer not proposee.

Simon explained to the members that if possible it will be better for them to pay online, there may be a delay of 2-3 weeks if paying by cheque, until the cheque is cashed.

Simon explained there will be two days for renewals at the club hut as listed in the AGM schedule.

Q: Will the waiting list be opened?

S: Maybe if we lose another 15 members next year we will. At the moment no point.

Q: When will the details for the online banking be released.

S: It will be sent out with the membership renewal form - Make sure reference for online banking makes it clear who it is from

Election of the committee

The Re-election of the committee en-block:

Chairman – Tony Maynard  Vice Chairman – Gary Newman

Secretary – Rob Pearson  Mem. Secretary – Simon Davidson

Treasurer – Bernie White  Fishery Officer – Barry Harrowing  

Fishery Officer – Dave Hambly Fishery Officer – Matt day

Fishery Officer – Scott Chambers Head Bailiff – Rod Thoupos

Bailiff & Clancy Liaison Officer – John Carter     Bailiff – Grant Gardner

Troy Membership renewal vote to retain 20 Troy only members:

For 19 Against: 3


Committee Renewal en block:

For: 25 Against: 0


Members Proposals:

Proposed: Brian Humphreys Seconded: Kirk Raper


‘The stocking of 20 Priory C5 Carp in each of The Pynesfield Lakes for the 2020 season and a further 20 in each lake for the 2021 season.’

An amendment was proposed by Roy Homer:

‘Stock one of the Pynesfield Lakes this year, and the second lake the following year.’

After discussion between the membership and committee it was decided to vote on original proposal.

Vote on B. Humphreys proposal:

For: 32 Against: 2


Subscription fees for 2017/18

No Changes

Proposed Changes to the rules

Ratification of the following bye-law in regard to spawning fish:

‘If, whilst fishing, spawning takes place in your swim, you must immediately wind-in and either move to a swim without spawning fish or go home. IE No fishing for spawning fish. Anyone found intentionally fishing for spawning fish, will be summoned to attend a committee disciplinary hearing.’

Passed Unanimous

Any Other Business

Proposal from the floor in regard to stocking for Troy 2019. Approximately 30 C4 fish for 2019 from VS.

For 26

Against 2

Dave reported on success of recent pike match, with 19 pike caught to 18lb.

Potential for carp match on Troy on later May bank holiday. 48hr match. Dave asked for interest from floor. Interest from 15 members.

Meeting closed 21.13.