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New Committee Bye-laws as of 29/6/20
The Committee have needed to introduce a few new Bye-laws. It is hoped that some will be short lived, but some may need ratification at the next AGM.

Due to continued trespassing Clancy have again stopped access to the Clancy bank via the gate by the toilet block, which is now permanently closed. The 2 swims at the South end of the Clancy bank can still be used, but access is only by anti-clockwise walking round the lake, past the club hut . Due to the high demand for swims, all guest tickets have been suspended on all 3 lakes until further notice.
The Rules for using a boat have changed, and will read: no more than 2 members in a boat with an another member as a watch out. All should wear life jackets and carry a portable phone. All 2 or 3 must be good swimmers. It will still be necessary to contact a committee member first, as in future our boats will be chained-up.

The Covid 19 virus is still a major threat to us all, so many of the measures put in at the start of the new season will need to be continued. Please read the continuation of this piece on News Page 2.
It is with much regret that we must report the sudden death of  our membership secretary, Roy Homer (pictured on the right with Andy Robinson) after a short illness. Roy has always been a stalwart of the RCAS and is one of the best known committee members by all. He has tirelessly served our society and was always prepared to help anyone out who needed help.
Roy took on the role again of membership secretary for a year, intending to hand over to his son Glenn for next season. Glenn took on the role during Roy’s illness and now  becomes membership secretary and committee member.