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The draw for swims on June 15th
All three RCAS lakes will open for fishing on the 16th June, with a draw to take place for those present on the 15th of June.
The 50 Members that w ere successful in entering the Draw, have now been notified by Rob Pearson and should arrive at the Lakes in good time to park and walk to the club hut by 3.pm when the draw will commence.
If it is your wish to fish the Big Lake please park in the car park next  to the pumping station on arrival and walk to the draw.
If it is your wish to fish the Small Lake please park between the 2nd and 3rd gate on the Helicon Road or by South of the toilet block and walk to the Draw.
If it is your wish to fish Troy please park by the Club Hut where the Draw will take place.
There will obviously be some car movement after the Draw, but the committee ask members to set up first and move cars later in the afternoon and evening.
For safety reasons the roadways and paths must be kept clear at all times.
Prior to the draw, the 50 successful names will be put in the hat and then drawn at 3pm, by a representative of the committee, in front of the members maintaining social distancing. Each member may then remain in their chosen swim for a maximum of 72 hours, after which they must move swims or, leave the fishery. Fishing will commence at 9 pm after the draw. Members that were not able to attend the draw may commence fishing after 72 hours. No guarantee of a swim being available can be made by the committee.
Alcohol sprays/sanitises will be left on the complex at areas such as water taps, gates and toilets with instructions for use. Taps, gate locks must be sprayed before and after use . Please, for the safety of yourselves and others, make use of these sprays as recommended. The toilet seat, flushing unit and toilet paper holders must be sprayed before and again after use. The committee have done their best to ensure as much safety as possible. Nothing is 100% safe, so members must judge for themselves if they are happy with the arrangements in place. Members should also carry their own sanitises and, if felt necessary, bring their own portable camping loo for use outside, plus their own supply of toilet paper. The club hut will be strictly out of bounds.
All members must adhere to Government and Angling Trust guidelines when on the fishery, maintaining safe social distancing of at least 2 metres, preferably 4 metres, when moving about, 15 metres when in swims. Masks will not be provided, but please bring and wear your own if you feel more secure. Members must not ‘double up' in swims with other members, unless that person is from the same family and live together. Members must take responsibility for their own actions at all times and decide for themselves if they feel safe to accept the measures the committee have installed.
The combination lock on the Big Lake car park 2nd gate, fitted by Affinity, has the code 2020.
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