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2019 AGM
The 2019 AGM will take place on Monday 18th March at the Mill End Sports and Social Club, Penn Road, Mill End, Rickmansworth. There will be a prompt start at 8 PM.
Pike Match on Troy Lake
The Pike Match that took place on Sunday 17th February 2019 on Troy Lake, was a complete success. 19 anglers took part and 19 fish were caught. This included a number of double figure fish, the largest going to 18 lb.

Due to this success, it is likely the committee will run another, similar match next year and are now considering running a Carp Match on Troy possible over the May Bank holiday. Interested! Then watch this place.
Despite there being little rainfall this year so far, it is good to report that the water levels in all 3 lakes has risen by at least 18 inches and maybe by now, 2 foot. Since there has been little rainfall it would be good to know where the water has come from, but as the Colne is flowing fairly strongly again it may be fuelling springs into the lakes. The hope is now that water will soon flow from the Fisheries down the channels into the big lake.

Plans are being looked at by the water committee this year to install Low Water Platforms where ever possible, as low water is obviously  becoming a regular summer event. This would mean holding work parties in the dry, Summer season when the water level would be at its lowest. Further information and committee proposals will be put forward in due course for ratification at the next AGM. But, please be prepared to attend extraordinary work parties, if scheduled and to expect the occasional swim closure during the summer months.
New Security Fencing
New security fencing  has been installed behind our toilet block to secure the lakes from trespassers, who were previously able to walk onto the lakes from Clancy’s car park. The fencing reaches down to the water’s edge and has a double gate with one side being opened by a combination lock for Clancy personnel. This double gate can be used to allow machinery to gain access to the lakes, but must not be used by RCAS members to gain entrance to the Shooting Bank. Access to this bank must always be anti-clockwise past the Club Cabin.