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New Committee Bye-laws
The one week Rule in one swim at the opening of the season has been removed. 72 hrs in one swim before changing swims or leaving the fishery remains.
All members must carry and use A Propriety Carp Care Kit.
Members may now use 3 Rods at all times on all 3 lakes.
A draw for swims will take place on Troy at 11.00 AM on Saturdays during the shooting season. Fishing to only commence after 11 AM as per the Rules and Regulations, printed in your Membership Cards..

Due to continued trespassing Clancy have again stopped access to the Clancy bank via the gate by the toilet block, which is now permanently closed. The Concrete Swim at the South end of the Clancy bank is the only swim that can still be used, but  access is only by walking anti-clockwise  round the lake, past the club hut .

Due to the high demand for swims, all guest tickets have been suspended on all 3 lakes until further notice.

The Rules for using a boat have changed, and will read: no more than 2 members in a boat (1 is permitted) with an another member as a watch out. All should wear life jackets and carry a portable phone. All 2 or 3 must be good swimmers. It will still be necessary to contact a committee member first, as in future our boats will be chained-up.

Should these Committee Bye-Laws still be viable at the next AGM. They will be ratified by member’s vote for the Rules and Regulations.
It is with much regret that we must report the sudden death of our Membership Secretary and Vice-President, Roy Homer, after a short illness. Roy has always been a stalwart of the Cons and is one of the best known committee members by all. He has tirelessly served our society and was always prepared to help anyone out who needed help. RIP Old Friend.