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Stocking for 2018/19 season
Following the AGM and the promise to look at stocking levels at the next committee meeting, the committee decided that for the 2018/19 season 10 C5  fish will be stocked into the big lake, 10 C5 fish to be stocked into the small lake and 20 C4 fish to be stocked into Troy. But what of the future?

From the many opinions offered at the AGM, the one fact that stood out was that the members wanted to increase the stocking level on all three lakes. What varied was the number of fish to stock. The reoccurring two questions, is how many fish are in the lakes already and how many do we want to be there?

There is no definitive answer to the first question, but the committee will attempt to get a reasonable assessment for the next AGM and from this figure an AGM decision can me made on how many to stock and in what time frame, to reach an agreed level.

However, other factors must be taken into account. Water levels are a variable factor Summer to Winter due to uncertain rainfall and abstraction, which must affect the choice of a safe stocking level. Last year an Algae Bloom shut the small lake for 2 weeks. Could this re-occur again for the current or future season? HS2 is not only a problem for Affinity Water due to the risk of pollution of the aquifer, but also very much for us as well.

Cost of stock must be a consideration for the club and also how many new fish to introduce to our waters in one go. Finally, it is an unanimous committee decision that our preferred Fish Supplier is VS Fisheries, whose bio security is second to none. Their breeding stock comes from a least 6 strains of carp and our opinion is that any change of supplier would be an increase in risk to our current stock.

Please click here to read our stocking policy up to the end of the current season.
The Clancy Bank is out-of-bounds to all members and Movement Sensors have been installed as part of Clancy’s new security system in front of their officers. These are switched on after office hours.. Any members found walking past their buildings will be reported to the committee for disciplinary measures. However, the Drop Down Swim and the last swim South on the Clancy Bank have being reinstated and are fishable again. Access will only be by walking anti-clockwise around the lake, past the club hut and along the Shooting Bank. This a concession by the Clancy Management, which could easily be rescinded if members fail to observe the out-of-bounds rule.
Clancy Bank on Troy Lake
Troy Disabled Priority Swims
Two original swims have been opened up again on the West Bank of Troy, just past the club hut, and are designated. Disabled Priority Swims. This means the 2 swims must be given up to a disabled angler if requested. If these swims are occupied or become occupied, the Half Way Rule will apply to anglers casting from either bank.