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Troy Disabled Priority Swims
Two original swims have been opened up again on the West Bank of Troy, just past the club hut, and are designated. Disabled Priority Swims. This means the 2 swims must be given up to a disabled angler if requested. If these swims are occupied or become occupied, the Half Way Rule will apply to anglers casting from either bank.
New Security Fencing
New security fencing  has been installed behind our toilet block to secure the lakes from trespassers, who were previously able to walk onto the lakes from Clancy’s car park. The fencing reaches down to the water’s edge and has a double gate with one side being opened by a combination lock for Clancy personnel. This double gate can be used to allow machinery to gain access to the lakes, but must not be used by RCAS members to gain entrance to the Shooting Bank. Access to this bank must always be anti-clockwise past the Club Cabin.