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Stocking Policy for 2016 onwards

The new Stocking Policy voted for at the 2016 AGM is to replace the number of fish lost each season in every lake, with the same number of fish.

The actual number stocked each year will be dependant on fish available and the decision of the committee in line with the above statement. For example if 3 fish in one lake are lost one season and 11 the next, 14 fish will be stocked but maybe not until the 3rd season.

As a guide the water management team have advised the committee that 70 fish from Troy have been lost since the last stocking. 50 fish from the small lake since 2002 and 10 from the big lake since 2012.

At the 2017 AGM Members were advised that for the next few years 15 C5 would be stocked annually, on alternating years in the small and big lake.

Following the 2018 AGM the committee decided to stock 10 C5 fish into the small lake, 10 C5 into the large lake and 20 C4 fish into Troy. Attempts will be made to ascertain a reasonably accurate current stock level this season. Then, a target figure of stock level can be established, telling us to what number of fish we should stock towards in the future.