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2021 will go down in our archives as the year we got a new Lease on the Pynesfield Lakes and the traditional close season was removed from our Rules and Regulations. For from now on there will be no close season on any of our lakes.

How did it happen? We have to go back nearly ten years when our chairman first raised the question with Affinity Water of the club having a Lease on the Pynesfield Lakes, rather than just a licence to fish. It took a long time, but finally we are putting the finishing touches to the terms of a Lease that should come into operation around April or May 2021 and will last for 20 years. It will give us much greater security of tenure and put us in the best position to purchase one or both lakes should Affinity wish to sell off some of their assets. Members probably wont notice much difference, but our society will take on more of the maintenance work around the lakes, so work parties may increase in number and be spread out over the whole season.

Times have changed and Affinity have realised that the best way to get security on all their fisheries is to have them occupied by anglers, so the decision was made to do away with the close season on all their waters fished by angling clubs like ours, Inns, Silverwing and the Waltonians.

The committee are aware that the 16 th June was a tradition many enjoyed, but we have no option and must move with the times for the safety of the site, our property and most importantly our fish.

Although there will be no closed season, we have the right to close a lake  or part of a lake for fishing at the time of fish spawning, work parties and for necessary maintenance at any time of the year

At the next AGM Full Members may fill out a proposal form for new members to go on the waiting list. The form will require you to enter details of your candidate that you must get permission from him/her first. The details will be:  full name & address + postcode, both telephone numbers, e-mail address, date of birth and occupation. By entering this information it implies the RCAS has the right to store it on file for use only by the club.  Please click to read our policy on the Data Protection Act.
All relevant Committee bye-laws  made in the various shutdown  periods will be ratified at the AGM.
 New Members Proposal at the next AGM