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New Access along Clancy Bank

picture 1

picture 2

Following negotiations with the Clancy Management, for which we thank them, there is a new Rule regarding access along the Clancy Bank.

Members may enter the Clancy Bank, on foot only, via the new gate to the right of the toilet block, which must be closed immediately after use. Access along this bank is by the White Path along side the road (picture 1.) and then on the Lower white Path in front of the Clancy Office (picture 2).

Access is only for the sole purpose of reaching the two swims at the Southern end of this bank and for access to and from the Shooting Bank. Members may not cast out or bait up from this path. Members must stick solely to the Lower White Path in front of the Clancy Office and must not use the waste bins present for any angling rubbish, they are for Clancy Staff only. Members may use a barrow on this path, but no motorized vehicle may be taken through the gate. Break these Rules and this right of access could be rescinded and you will be brought before the committee.

The combination of the lock on the New Gate can’t, for security reasons, be published on this site, but members will receive an e-mail giving this number in due course. or they can ring our Head Bailiff.