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The Chairman’s report for the AGM informed the members that there has still been no further action from HS2 in occupying part of the west bank of the Small Pynesfield. Advice from the HM Government official is that  HS2 are unlikely to now need our bankside for their work, but, and I guess it’s a big but, nothing is certain. As we are in the throws of Brexit, there is the best chance for several years that HS2 could be dropped altogether due to it’s escalating costs. We can only hope!
Despite there being little rainfall this year so far, it is good to report that the water levels in all 3 lakes is now nearly at it’s winter level. Since there has been little rainfall it would be good to know where the water has come from, but as the Colne is flowing fairly strongly again it may be fuelling springs into the lakes. Water is now flowing from the Fisheries down the channels into the big lake.

Plans are being looked at by the water committee this year to install Low Water Platforms where ever possible, as low water is obviously  becoming a regular summer event. This would mean holding work parties in the dry, Summer season when the water level would be at its lowest. Further information and committee proposals will be put forward in due course. But, please be prepared to attend extraordinary work parties, if scheduled and to expect the occasional swim closure during the summer and Autumn months. Any work parties attended in the Autumn of this year will count towards the work party count for the following season.
Obituary.  It is with much regret that we must bring to you the sad news that Carol Ellingham passed away. Those of us that knew Carol. will remember her as one half of the the Lighthouse family who was always funny and loud, with a big heart and was always willing to help anyone in distress. Our thoughts and condolences go to Steve and her family from all of us at the Cons.  CAROL YOUR A LEGEND. RIP
Steve Ellingham thanks all from the RCAS who attended Carol’s funeral service and Glyn Craddock
for the wonderful flower arrangement.