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ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN, for in a few weeks this view across the Small Pynesfield lake could be very different. HS2 have compulsory occupied the land to the West of the storm ditch alongside the West bank of the Small Pynesfield lake and will remove all the trees and bushes to build God-knows-what on the 5 acres of land there. It could be temporary accommodation, a washing plant, a water purification plant, we just don’t know yet.

RCAS was also contacted by HS2 with a Compulsory Occupation Order on 70 sq metres of the Small Pynesfield bank. At an explorative meeting with HS2 we were informed they were looking for a drainage pipe from the Old Uxbridge Road into the Pynesfield lake that they could use as an overflow from a water purification unit and two drainage ponds they are digging. HS2 were told that no such drainage pipe ever existed.

HS2 were also told of the value of the our fish stocks, should any water purification plant fail to work at any time and that the Affinity aquifer was fed from these lakes. On asking if there was any ground pollution on site they were informed that the sight was an asbestos factory and waste asbestos was spread over the site and that there was chemical pollution from an old tanning factory.

At the explorative meeting our Chairman was alone to represent our club, Affinity Water and Clancy, but at the next meeting, when HS2 tell of their decision, he will be joined by members of Affinity Water, Clancy and the EA.

Update 22nd January 2019.  Following on from the above article and the one in Consline, there has been no further progress and it is our hope that will be the end of the matter. Fingers crossed!