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Following a request at the 2016 AGM it has been decided to take on 20 new members to fish the RCAS Troy lake for the season June 16th 2016 to March 15th 2017, Note this DOES NOT include the close season.

    Membership is for the RCAS Troy lake only,
   There is no guarantee this will continue after the 2017/18 and will be voted on at the 2018 AGM to continue     or not.
   Troy membership does not give the member a right to vote at the AGM.
   Troy membership does not include close season fishing.
   Cost £180 includes one key to main gates, additional gate keys and freezer shed keys can be purchased     at £10 each.
   For the 2017/18 season and onwards either an opt out fee or work party completion will be required.

This by-law was ratified at the 2017 AGM  and again in 2018 into the Rules and Regulations, but will be voted on every year at the AGM.
During the period of hot summer weather, fish have been spasmodically spawning at all times of the day and night, Sadly some members have not only been fishing for these fish, but actually spoding over the top as they spawn. Because of this the committee have instigated the following Byelaw.

If, while fishing, spawning takes place in your swim, you must immediately wind-in and either move to a swim without spawning fish or go home. IE No fishing for spawning fish.
Anyone found intentionally fishing for spawning fish, will be summoned to attend a committee disciplinary hearing.

If members fail to adhere to this Byelaw, the committee will have no choice but to close the entire lake until all spawning has ceased. This Byelaw will be ratified into the Rules and Regulations at the next AGM.